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Mold Exposure Symptoms

It is common for people to mistake the symptoms of mold exposure to a normal everyday cold or flu. However, when experiencing mold exposure people tend to become sick for a prolonged period of time as the mold is often something they are being exposed to every day while living or working in their property. Symptoms Commonly […]

Where Does Mold Come From?

Mold, simply, comes from moisture, but it can be much more complicated than that. Molds are fungi, meaning they are organisms incapable of creating their own food supply. This means that molds form atop a host, and because molds thrive in moisture, they commonly form in soils, atop food sources, in areas of increased hydration […]

What Is Mold?

We have all heard about mold, have seen mold, and have more than likely have found some kind of mold inside of our homes. But what actually is this substance we know as mold? For starters, mold is a type of fungus. Also commonly known as “mould,” this term is ascribed to fungi that have […]

Will The Mold Come Back?

The overarching problem that has been troubling homeowners forever has been that mold is a fungus. This means that mold is prolific in nature and especially equipped to grasp onto moisture anywhere in your home, spreading easily. If you find a patch of mold and decide to roll your sleeves up, grab some bleach and […]

Can Mold Come Back After Remediation?

So your home has been afflicted with mold, and you’ve called in a specialist to fix your fungal problems. However, the question bears: Can the mold come back? That answer, like many surrounding the fungal organism known as mold, has varying degrees of right and wrong answers. For starters, the determination of returning mold after […]