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Mold Health

Mold exposure in human 

“Where is the proof?” ask skeptical moldy home sellers, landlords, employers, and unaffected relatives of mold victims.

There is actually abundant evidence about the serious impact of my co toxins and mold exposure in human disease.

Medical studies in both the military and agricultural environments have discovered that significant health problem can readily arise from the inhalation of elevated levels of fungal spores and toxins by soldiers and farmers.

Laboratory studies in animals and at the cellular level provide supporting evidence for the direct toxicity of fungal spores and mycotoxins in mammalian lungs (University of Connecticut Health Center report in 2004).

Asthma mold exposure 

As to asthma (one of the most common health consequences of mold exposure), a health study by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health links adult-onset asthma to workplace mold exposure—

“The present (health study) results estimated that the percentage of adult-onset asthma attributable to workplace mold exposure to indoor molds and development of asthma in adulthood. Our findings suggest that indoor mold problems constitute an important occu