Should I Treat The Mold Myself?

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Should I Treat The Mold Myself

You have found mold in your home, and depending on how severe it looks, you decide you want to treat the mold yourself. What does this look like?

Most online sites will explain the risks of exposing yourself to direct contact with mold, but may say things like:

clean out your air conditioners and air humidifiers, scrub the mold-afflicted spots with bleach, or even just get a coarse brush and go to town.

Risks of attempting

However, it is important to know the risks of attempting to treat your home’s mold problems yourselves, because if not done properly, you and your family may be at risk of returning mold.

Mold is a fungus that reproduces through sending microscopic spores into the air.

Mold thrives on moisture, making households the ideal place for molds to live as homes have a tendency to trap moisture within their walls. 

Because of this, it is not recommended to attempt to treat your home’s mold yourself. If you see a mold spot in your home, most commonly in the moisture-rich atmosphere of your home’s attic or basement, you may think you can just scrub it off with bleach and be free of mold-related issues. 

That is not correct, however. Identifying mold patches in your home is often characteristic of a larger, underlying problem with mold. Such underlying problems include poor or broken ventilation systems, excess condensation due to feeble windows, and deteriorating HVAC systems, often found in your home’s basement and a notorious source of basement or crawl space mold.

How eliminating mold by yourself

When eliminating mold yourself, by hand, you are not only failing to address the source of your mold, but you are only opening up opportunities for the mold to return in force. 

When you think you have gotten rid of mold simply by scrubbing with bleach, you may feel that you have taken care of the problem and do not need to check up on your mold problems again. This is the perfect time for mold to strike, as you have given it permission to form again, opening you and your family to serious risks. A common reason to attempt to tackle mold growths yourself is to save money.

Hiring a mold remediation specialist can be pricey, and replacing an HVAC or ventilation system in your home could possibly lead to even more expensive costs. 

But let me ask: is there a price on health? Mold remediation professionals will not only eliminate the mold crawling around your home, but they will take care of problems you cannot possibly take care of using household cleaning items.

They are equipped to eliminate the mold spores in the air, the mold latched deep into your walls, and even identify the source problem of your mold in order to ensure you do everything you need to permanently fix the problems with mold in your home. 

And there is another advantage to hiring a professional mold remediation service: they will come examine your home’s mold and tell you exactly what needs to get done.

 Even if your mold problems are not serious at present, they could always get worse. Mold remediation professionals will let you know how serious your problems are, and if further, more expensive mold treatments will even be necessary.


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