Will The Mold Come Back?

Will The Mold Come Back

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Will The Mold Come Back

The overarching problem that has been troubling homeowners forever has been that mold is a fungus. This means that mold is prolific in nature and especially equipped to grasp onto moisture anywhere in your home, spreading easily.

 If you find a patch of mold and decide to roll your sleeves up, grab some bleach and a coarse sponge, and try to scrub the mold out of your walls yourself, you are putting your home at serious risk of returning mold. More often than not, finding patches of mold in your home, whether it be in your attic or basement, your bedroom or bathroom, means that you have an underlying problem with mold in your home.

Patches of mold don’t signify your home’s fungal problems, but rather a symptom of your home’s fungal infestation. Mold lives in multicellular patches that are often visible to the naked eye. 

However, mold is constantly releasing spores into your home’s atmosphere and airways. These spores are microscopic in nature, unable to be detected. If you scrub a patch of mold from your bathroom, you are by no means eliminating the spores from your air. Further, serious mold problems often start with ventilation systems.

HVAC systems

HVAC systems, when new, do a great job at trapping the types of moisture that will lead to serious mold growths within your household. However, poor ventilation is a problem that will plague every home given enough time, and HVAC systems, along with air conditioners, air humidifiers, and even the insulation in your walls are not built to last forever. 

If you just scrub the mold from you walls, it will come back, no questions asked. It is vitally important to professionally remove mold from your home because licensed mold remediation specialists are equipped to not only remove mold, but also identify and inspect the underlying problems your home is facing.

Mold remediation professionals will let you know exactly how the mold is forming in your home, exactly where the mold is coming from, and exactly what you need to do to ensure a safe home from mold for both you and your family. 

Mold, if left untreated or poorly treated, will make a comeback. Mold can lead to a variety of unsafe situations in your home, tarnishing your air and leading to a variety of health deficits down the road. Mold, like other fungi, feeds off moisture, and it is s